And Love

Tillu’s mother was late to school. She came out of the school building searching for her kid as the watchman told her that he left already. In an eye catching distance, she spotted him and started shouting his name. She observed some poor kids following his son like thieves. Tillu stopped near the dustbin and threw his left-over lunch. She shouted his name even more louder and the boy stopped in his tracks. She started scolding the poor kids and shouted at them to get lost. To her surprise, they were least bothered and stood where they were. She started taking some steps away from that place with frustration. After a while, she turned back and looked back to make sure that they were not following them. The sight of innocent smiles burst her into tears. Yes, she broke into tears after seeing those kids eating the food from the dustbin with a big smile on their faces. She brought them to her house the next day and let them taste the food which was there for them on earth. She hugged them with love when they told her that this was the first time they had eaten till their stomach was full.

Like every year, Chitti was running to her father with a broad inverted rainbow. This year as usual, the new dress was for Rani. Rani’s old dress was waiting to wrap Chitti. There is no good to blame the poor parents. As they could afford to buy only one dress, they always preferred buying the new dress for Rani since her old dress would fit Chitti. But this time, Rani wanted to see her sister’s smile rather her own happiness. Chitti almost jumped out of joy and hugged her sister. She started running with excitement shouting, “Yay-! My first new dress”. When her mom tried asking something, Rani interrupted and replied that she was after all her lovely sister.

Dharani knew that she was getting sick day by day. Though the doctor advised her to go through an abortion, she refused. Finally, the delivery date had come. The situation seemed as if the child inside the womb was crying because his mother was in critical labour pains. The smile of her kid after birth was the great gratitude for bearing him in the womb. Yes, there would be no word called “He” if a woman doesn’t give him shelter inside her.

Let it be food, clothing or shelter, the word that binds is “Love”. I fight to include the word love after these 3 words of survival. Come let’s say……. Food, clothing, shelter andddddddddddddd love.

Fighting for WriT(H)ING

Writing is the outcome of fighting.Yes, the battle between the heart and the mind delivers the word called ‘thinking’.

Verb is the heart of the sentence, and the rest is the calculation of mind. Keeping the verb constant, we have the ability to make the sentence polite or rash. Likewise, what-ever we do, we should make sure that we feel with the heart and then what the mind says. Because, if we calculate with our mind first, there could be chances of doing bad sometimes.

For example, let’s say your friend desperately needs your ‘help’. If you ask your mind first, it might calculate the good and the bad he did to you and then it fixes to one point. Suppose, if you try feeling with your heart first, your friend might hug you with tears for helping him at that point. So that the verb here ‘help’ remains constant rather becoming ‘helpless’. That’s the magic of preference.


Many are patting the shoulders of this theory now-a-days in businesses too. Well, since it is a business, the theory might take its colour according to the platform. In the weighing scale, supplying the product as per the weight is called business. So all the thing here it needs is the balance of both mind and heart. Every-thing that is right has the right to be written, so here I write.

Ami (A My)

Before googling the meaning of the word, let’s feel his existance in the world. I cannot give his ‘name’ since those were the days where the’NAME’s mother was in her labour pains.

On the other side of the day,it was the greedy silence who wished to rule the situation. But, the wind took no time to kill.Since it was on duty, it dropped a seed and left as if it had a lot more to carry. The seed was not grown enough to ask for food, clothing or shelter. Also, she named herself an alien. But, who knows the sun rays comes to pamper her? The land started digging deep itself and finally made a bed. Also, the soil smiled and started comforting her with a hug.The rain, having waited for long, started kissing its forehead.She got surrendered to the love of them and erased the word alien in her mind. She grew well and started bending to land, soil and rain with courtesy.


The supporting soil never got relaxed even after the ages and the rain was always there for her in times of need. Seems like nature was a human before.Given a life, this magical feeling lives in.It is not a give and take policy but a give and live policy.

This seed is the great grand mother of our greenery.’What could be the reason behind the survival of the seed?’ My mind told me that it was the word ‘DUTY’ which helped to do so. But, after the argument with my mind, my heart told me that it was ‘A MY’ feeling which made it. I believe that something which comes with love, forgets its address and never leaves us.

‘A my’ feeling??? What if the seed was not taken care of?? It’s simply like the world without food. It is as simple as that. There would be neither you to read this nor me to write.So, ‘A my’ feeling of land,soil and rain were the main reasons for existance of life I would say. I think its time to google the word (A mi). But, as a human it is very easy to know the meaning since the meaning might be next to you!

No matter where you go, he is the second shadow that follows you ! Call him by any name, he will come hugging you.He is my another me. Heyyya ! you know what, name’s mother got delievered and the name is friend! Hey ‘A my’, thanks for reading!

Smart people, please find the translation here without googling:
‘French people calls a friend as (A mi)’.

Factors that hinder the growth of India.

Well, I have done the survey on the above hot topic. I went to a school-going kid. He said the word ‘Corruption’ confidently. I heard the same word from his father who came there for picking-his kid from school. Even his wife echoed the same by interrupting my question. The kid supported his answer saying that his social studies teacher taught him. When I asked him for further explanation,- “Are you not reading the newspaper?” was the straight question from the parents. His father informed me proudly that he bribed for his son’s birth certificate.


I came home and started writing the essay about corruption. When I looked at the window, the curtain was moving as if it wanted to convey something. I went there and tried pampering it. I heard a woman crying and shouting at some one. I peeped through the window and heard a man gossiping- “he only killed her”. The woman delivered a baby and was forced to bribe the doctor. Poverty ruled the situation, and they were thrown out of the hospital. Her husband aggressively went to the baby and took away the breath knowing that the baby was girl. These words in the voice of the woman made many cry.    

I closed the curtain and yes, that cry made me write tear number of factors.

There might be many factors hiding​ behind the curtains. If I start writing them, there would be no paper. Please stop cutting the trees for paper. I am eco-friendly​.